March 19, 2016

Runners FAQ

Before the Run

After I sign up what will I receive?

You will receive a confirmation of your entry and you will be added to our email communication list. You will then be updated with an email regarding things that you need to know as we get closer to the run.

When will I get my number?

Numbers will NOT be sent out in advance. On the morning of the run you will need to go to the registration tent where you will be able to collect your numbered bib and safety pins. Please allow plenty of time to do this. Registration opens at 8am

Where will I park?

You can park your car at Newbold College on the morning of the race. The start of the race is then just a short walk away. In addition, you can enter Murrell Hill Lane from the London Road entrance and park your car on the left hand side. There is also parking in Oakmede shops and Binfield Memorial hall

Are there toilets?

There are toilets within the school which will be available and one of them will be sign posted as a disabled toilet. Please remember to allow plenty of time for toilet visits as there may be queues. There are no toilets provided on the route.

What happens if it rains?

The race will go ahead whatever the weather and will only be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances which make it unsafe or impossible for the event to go ahead. We suggest you bring a waterproof jacket and there will be some sheltered areas at the start / finish. There will be no refunds of your entry fee under any circumstances.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately no dogs are permitted on the race although you can bring them to Foxley Fields if you wish.

Can I enter my child?

Only runners 16 years old and over can enter. However your children will be able to join in the event by supporting and cheering as there are lots of local viewing points. There will also be a bouncy castle to keep them amused.

What first aid facilities are there?

We are fortunate to have the services of Lowland Berkshire Search and Rescue who will be available at Foxley Fields should you need them.

What if I am not sure what to do when I get there?

There will be an information point on the field where volunteers should be able to help you or answer your questions.

Will there be anywhere safe to leave my belongings?

Yes – there will be a bag drop open from 8am. It will be located in the gap in Foxley Fields towards the Start of the run

What should I wear?

We suggest you wear comfortable sports clothing with footwear appropriate for running that distance. Bring a warm waterproof jacket or coat for afterwards.

Can I wear headphones during the race?

For your own safety, headphones and any other electronic device are not permitted at any time during the race.


During the Run

How will the race start?

The race will be a staggered start. You will need to align yourself in the most appropriate group. The groups will set off in the following order:


Expected completion time of 45 minutes or les

Expected completion time of 60 minutes or less

Expected completion time of 60 minutes or over

We also have Pacers who will be running at 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 minutes.  They will be clearly identified.

What happens if I feel ill or get an injury whilst running the race?

Alert a Marshal ASAP and the Marshal will organise help for you. There will be First Aid services at the Start and Finish area and we will get you assistance as soon as we can.

Are there any water stations?

3 equally spaced Water stations will be available to you during the race. You will find these at the 3 km point, the 6km point and the 7km point. There is also a water station at The Victoria Arms, Crema Coffee and Newbold Free Church all of which could also be good spectator points!,

After the Run

What will I get when I finish the run?

All runners will receive a medal and a goodie bag. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and 1st, 2nd and 3rdfemale.

When will the race end? / What if I am a slow runner or walking?

The road closures and marshals will be active until 12 noon. You are welcome to continue on after this point but you will not be covered under the race restrictions.

When will I know my time?

When you come through the finish line your time will have been recorded via our chip timing process. This will be updated live on the website. This website will also give you an online certificate which you can print out and keep as a record of your achievement!

Are there any refreshments available?

A BBQ, tea tent and a refreshment stall are all available on Foxley Fields. Water for runners will also be freely available – if you have your own water bottle you will be able to re-fill it from the water station.